We met John at an open house the first day we started looking at the possibility of a second home in the Palm Springs area. That first day, we noticed his warm and engaging personality. The next weekend, John was having an open  house at the same location, so we dropped by again. Although this particular house was not right for us, we chatted and got to know each other better, and learned of some common interests. At this point, we did not have a realtor we were working with, so we told John we would like to have him work with us, even though we were not sure if or when we might be in the market for a second home. John told us that if the situation is right for us, we would know, and that he would be glad to represent us. Over the next several months, John kept in touch, keeping us informed about the local market and possible available houses.

Six months after our initial meeting with John, we put an offer on a condo. Being out of state buyers, we were not completely familiar with the nuances of purchasing real estate in California, and we leaned on John for help and understanding. Two months later, we closed on our condo. Throughout the process, John guided us, worked for our interests, and helped ensure that the whole process was painless for us.

Since that first chance meeting, John has been professional, helpful, and friendly. We would highly recommend you consider John Campbell as your realtor for property in the Palm Springs area.